Sometimes when you have a meal,你总是笑个不停…

可能是神奇的食物,your type of atmosphere,the friendly service,or a combination of everything.

Harukoma Sushi (春駒 支店),a well known sushi restaurant in Osaka,Japan,从我排队进去的那一刻起,就是那些让我微笑的餐馆之一,直到我吃了最后一口(我还在微笑,I was just a little sad when it was all over).

There's a lot of值得去大阪吃的美味佳肴,但如果你喜欢吃寿司,Harukoma Sushi (春駒 支店) is one of those places that is singlehandedly reason enough to consider going to Osaka for.

best sushi in Osaka

Harukoma Sushi (春駒 支店)


But my wife and her sister wanted to do some shopping,and so I decided to accompany them.

Little did I know that part way down the street,while being a little overwhelmed by all the shopping,my eyes would glance upon a line of people huddled around an unpretentious looking front door,挂着一些橙色的横幅。

My mind raced through some images,and I suddenly knew I had seen the sign and outdoor area of the restaurant in a photo while doing online research on where to eat in Osaka – could have been from四方的(Note: I think there are two locations,我都看到了,但是去了主步行街的那个)。

春宵寿司是我找的一家餐馆,我以为这是我要去的地方,but then scratched the idea because we didn't have much extra time left in Osaka.

But there it was right before me,by chance… or maybe it was meant to be!!

"We need to get in line immediately,"我告诉了我妻子。

幸运的是,她非常了解我对食物的热爱,and so the shopping came to a halt and we got in line.

Harukoma Sushi (春駒 支店)
Outside of Harukoma Sushi (春駒 支店)

大约有20人排队,and it was late afternoon.Luckily the line moved quite quickly,15分钟后,the guard opened the door and lead us in.


The restaurant was loud and bustling.From outside it looked like it might be a tiny little hole in the wall restaurant with just 5 tables inside,but to my surprise it was huge (not space huge,但产量巨大)还有多层的座位。

Japanese food in Osaka
Busy and bustling on the inside

At the very front,as we entered,there were 澳门金沙官方平台about 10 sushi chefs slicing away and expertly putting together platters of sushi.还有一家寿司店,and then at the back was a room,有点像商店式的房间,where we got a table.

此外,从我们走进餐厅的那一刻起,the service was kind and friendly,and even though it was packed and the waiters and waitresses were busy,they smiled and did everything they could to speak in English.

The extensive sushi menu


有时你去日本的餐馆,如果你不说或不读日语,you've just got to order whatever you see (or you might order a plate of chicken sashimi without knowing it!).

But at Harukoma Sushi (春駒 支店) they had a nice laminated menu of all the different types of sushi and sashimi they had,用英语和日语书写,and clearly labeled and priced,甚至是对每一个的一点描述。

我把我们的订单和我们想要的数量写在一张纸上,and then handed it to our waitress.

Sushi in Osaka
Family style sushi platters



The first plate included a row of阿卡米,那是金枪鱼的红肉,and another row of mackerel.

On the second plate we got tamago (egg sushi),uni(海胆)蟹,最后是一排金枪鱼的肚子——这是我无法克服的。

That was the 澳门金沙官方平台网站start.

在我第一次吃东西之前,我立刻爱上了什么,是不是没什么特别之处,它不是太艺术化或假象,but the sushi included just big and bulging,roughly cut slices of seafood.我的风格。

tuna belly
That tuna belly!!

Toro (tuna belly)


The creamy white and pink slabs of tuna belly were thickly sliced and placed over a ball of rice,possibly a 3:1 ratio,被金枪鱼腹部窒息的米饭!!

Just like eating that令人难以置信的金枪鱼在大阪的Izakaya,春宵寿司的金枪鱼肚寿司非常好吃,就像鱼片黄油一样,在嘴里融化。


Maguro (tuna)


Again,又大又嫩的鱼片,good rice,and just overall excellent.


Uni (sea urchin)

我吃过好的海胆,也吃过坏的海胆。When it's good,真的很好,and when it's bad,真的很糟糕。


The uni had just a faint seafoody flavor with an ultimate custardy texture,not unlike aperfect durian,它与大米和海藻混合。太棒了,not to mention beautiful to look at.

saba sushi


鲭鱼,or saba,is another good sushi option that I always enjoy.The saba had a much different texture from other fish,更像是鸡胸肉的质地。它更颗粒状,一点也不粘。

它是咸的,and and then underneath the piece of fish there was a small slice ofshisoleaf to give it a green nutty taste.

yellowtail tuna
I think the yellowtail is the one at the back of the plate

Hamachi (yellowtail tuna)

I'm not even sure if I remember which one the yellowtail tuna was,but if I remember correctly it was white in color,and it wasn't nearly as soft or melt in your mouth as the maguro.但还是很好吃。


crab rolls
Crab rolls


Another favorite piece of sushi for me at Harukoma Sushi (春駒 支店) was the kani,蟹肉寿司。The crab was cooked,so it wasn't slimy,它又脆又甜。

就像鱼一样,they were very generous with the amount of crab added to each piece of sushi.


Natto maki (fermented soybeans roll)

Even though I had previously taken a trip to Japan,I had never triednatto,日本发酵大豆。I saw it on the menu,在手卷里,我不得不尝试一下。

纳托非常有趣,and to me it didn't have all that much taste,但都是关于质地,澳门金沙官方平台which was undeniably sticky and even had some elasticity to it.


I did enjoy it,for it being so interesting,but I don't think it's something I would crave.

unagi rolls
I think these were the unagi rolls

More rolls and sushi

During our meal,we made another couple of sushi order,因为太好了,and I didn't want to stop.

我们有一些乌纳吉卷(鳗鱼卷)。一些鲑鱼鱼子卷,and a few others which I've probably already forgotten,but that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Negi-toro maki
Negi-toro maki – one of the best of the best

Negi-toro maki (minced tuna belly roll)

Finally,结束这顿饭Harukoma寿司(春駒支店),我忍不住要了一个Negi Toro Maki,a minced tuna belly hand roll.

The seaweed was so fresh and crisp,the rice was sticky and perfect room temperature,the green onions gave it all some crunch,and the minced up tuna belly was rich and oily.这是结束大阪终极寿司餐的终极方式,日本。

Japanese food
A few salmon roe sushi for dessert


One of the things I loved 澳门金沙官方平台about Harukoma Sushi (春駒 支店),and judging from how busy they were,很多人也这么认为,是质量的代价。

For the price,寿司非常新鲜,分量也非常大。

我们为3个人吃的所有东西的账单,came to just 4,000日元(33.15美元)我认为这是一笔难以置信的交易。I'm not sure where else in the world you can eat that kind of quality and quantity of sushi for that price.

On top of that,this is one of the few sushi restaurants where you can actually go there to eat,全部出来,rather than one of those sushi restaurant where you finish your meal still hungry.



(或观看)YouTube here)

best sushi in Osaka,日本
Harukoma Sushi(春支店)是大阪一家令人难以置信的寿司餐厅,日本


不管你去哪Tokyoor大阪,undoubtedly one of the best reasons to visit Japan is to eat. And one of the main things that's worth traveling to Japan just to eat is sushi and sashimi.

In Osaka,我有机会尝试一家名为Harukoma Sushi(春駒店)的寿司餐厅,and it turned out to be one of my most memorable sushi meals ever.

Here's what I loved 澳门金沙官方平台about it:

美味可口,not fancy,and great value sushi in Osaka,Harukoma Sushi(春支店)是您需要退房的地方。

Harukoma Sushi (春駒 支店),Osaka,日本

Address: 5-5-2 Tenjinbashi,Kita-ku,Osaka,日本
营业时间: Around 11 am – 9:30 pm daily
Price: Our total bill for 3 of us came to 4,000日元(33.15美元),and we were pretty full by the end
How to get there:餐厅距离Temma Jr站或Ogimachi地铁站不远,in Osaka,日本。It's located along Tenjinbashisuji Shotengai shopping street.


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    Great review!!

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