Churrasco Completo: Chile's Complete Beef

By 澳门金莎官方平台Mark Wiens 12 Comments

Churrasco Completo (Chile's Complete Beef)

Location:Restaurant Tutto Pollo in Santiago de Chile,Chile

Address:Merced 802,Santiago Centro,Chile,tel.6395763

Cost:澳门金沙官方平台about 3500 CLR (Chilean Pesos)- 6.49 USD

Glass display cabinet at Tutto Pollo Restaurant

I've never been much of a sandwich connoisseur,but I fully admit that Chile knows exactly how totake a cow,add some vegetables,smash it into a bun,and call it aChurrasco Completo– and it's AMAZING!!

This is one of a handful of sandwich stacks in the world that I would vouch for,recommend,and deem as a mandatory cuisine (Laos Style Sandwich).

Churrasco Completo,Santiago,Chile
Churrasco Completo,Santiago,Chile

What is a Churrasco Completo??

Flame grilled,thinly cut,and probably a1/2 kilo of quality Chilean beef,forms the mountain like foundation of theChurrasco Completo.

Some sandwiches contain a green bean mixture while others add a pile of sauerkraut to entertain a tangy zest.An entire sliced tomato or even two conjoin the mass of coarsely smushed avocado – the ingredients I think are key to making the sandwichcomplete.

The buns are lightly toasted on the grill and then given the important job of binding the bulky mess together and calling it a Completo.When the sandwich is full grown,it can often reach a 1/2 foot or maybe even 8 inches in diameter!!

Churrasco Completo
Delicious Chilean Churrasco Completo

As you take your first bite ofChilean Churrasco Completowith chunks of buttery avocado and sweet tangy chili sauce falling out the rear,you will realize that indeed it is a sandwich that is complete!!

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  • saul

    6 years ago

    Well.You don't have to go to Chile to try the best churrascos anymore.Just come to MN and look for Libby's concession trailer in D.T.Minneapols.

    Remember… Libby's

  • Randall

    8 years ago

    Oh,My God!It looks good!Santiago looks like the place to go!!

  • 澳门金莎官方平台

    9 years ago

    Dave: I think I did eat the churrasco once in Bellavista,I had a couple friends taking me all over Santiago and eating.

    Dave and Deb: Yah,if you guys could put something together that would be great!You can just shoot me an e-mail.

  • Dave and Deb

    9 years ago

    OK,I have to admit,it doesn't look too appealing to me,but I will take your word for it:-) I love the photos and I do love guacamole,so maybe it is for me!Great idea for a series too,I will search my food archives and try to contribute something for you.

  • dave

    9 years ago

    Those are amazing!!Try eating in Bellavista

  • Juno

    9 years ago

    God that looks awesome!!!!Woo I'm hungry…