日ght now, if you commit to starting a blog and maintaining it, the potential benefits and opportunities that can come as a result of blogging are endless.


How to start a blog
You might need some coffee, but follow these steps, and you’ll soon have your very own blog!



After a few months of traveling, mostly in Argentina and Chile, I returned to the US for about a month to attend the wedding of my sister.




I could blog as a way to keep my family and friends updated about where I was and what I was eating, and to just remember the things I did for myself – like a personal (but public) journal, all in one.


The great news is:

You don’t need to be a designer or coder to start your own blog.



刚开始我的第一个博客,澳门金沙官方平台网站我买了一个澳门金莎官方平台网址way plane ticket to Asia (Bangkok to be more specific), this time, with no plans to return to the US anytime soon.


I’ve learned many things… not just about blogging, travel, and food (though I’ve learned loads of both), I’ve also learned about writing, internet marketing, social media, psychology, freelancing, website maintenance and design, and more.

Starting my initial blog, and becoming a blogger has easily been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done (它可以为你太).


how to start a travel blog
Migrationology.com - 我的第一和运行时间最长的博客澳门金莎官方平台网址



“Mark, how can I start a travel blog or a food blog?”

So I thought, I would just type up everything I’ve learned about blogging, and try to break it down into a simple 5 step process, so you can easily start a blog too.



It can really look like any other website, have a home-page, and a resource page, and in fact many websites you probably read are blogs (or they are set up like blogs), even if you didn’t know it.

Here’s a brief overview of what we’re going to be covering in this 5 step how to start a travel blog process (and you can go to each section below for much more in-depth coverage, and details on how to complete each step):

  1. – A domain is your own unique url, mine iswww.bjwwww.com。你可能是your澳门金莎官方平台网址blog.com
  2. 主办- 主机是一台服务器,用于存储你的文件,所以当有人类型your澳门金莎官方平台网址blog.cominto a browser (like Google Chrome or FireFox), your blog will show up on their computer screen or mobile device. Starting out,I recommend Bluehostwhich I used in the video to createmarkwiens.me
  3. WordPress的– WordPress is an open source platform for building blogs and websites, and archiving all the content.
  4. Design– A design is the face of your blog, how it looks.
  5. 澳门金沙官方平台网站开始写博客澳门金莎官方平台网址- 其中一个最大的方面有关开始到博客仅仅是博客。澳门金沙官方平台澳门金沙官方平台网站澳门金莎官方平台网址就是我喜欢写博客的是,它澳门金沙官方澳门金莎官方平台网址平台不只是写作,而是你在文字和照片和视频混合,富于创造性 - 不过你想要的。

I would encourage you to first watch the video below, where I will walk you through the steps of how to start a travel blog, but you can also scroll down for all the details and information:

First, watch the video below:

(If you can’t see the video,在这里观看)


This post is a little long because I really want you to understand what a blog is, and what makes a blog function. However, it’s really very simple to create your first website, and it should take just 10 – 30 minutes. The hardest part is thinking about what domain you want to choose.



Your domain is the URL of your website, likefood.comormarkwiens.me




Having your own domain (yourblog.com), you’re able to control your content, deal with it how you like, and do things like put up advertising, or澳门金莎官方平台 。它只是给你更多的自由,再加上它看起来要好得多。

Also, it can be a real pain to begin with a blogspot or other blog provider, then down the road, switch to your own domain.

If you’re serious about blogging, don’t mess around, just invest in your own unique domain now.

Note:If you plan to sign up for hosting,like with Bluehost,我将在步骤盖下方#2,你经常可以得到一个免费的域名,当您注册托管 - 因此,如果你打算报名参加托管,你可以在第2步开始。澳门金沙官方平台网站


There are many sites that register domains, but here are two reputable sources:

How much does a domain cost?

价钱:About $10 – $13 per year, a small investment, and really worth it.

hosting a blog
If you’re starting a blog, Bluehost is a great host

Step #2: Get Hosting (Server)


A website or blog are a bunch of files, stored on a server (basically a computer that’s on all the time), that can be accessed from a browser (like Firefox or Chrome).



所以,你可以想像,your host is very important

Everything you work on and write about will be stored on your host. If your host has a record of being out of service (that’s called downtime), or not very tight with security, that’s not a good thing.


话虽这么说,有许多伟大的主机可供选择,它们可以非常实惠的 - 每月只有几美元。

Over the course of running my travel and food blogs, I’ve changed hosts a number of times. I started off with a host I wasn’t too happy with – they just didn’t have great customer service and didn’t handle my website traffic well, and the security of my site wasn’t good enough either – I had a number viruses and malware scares (it’s not a fun experience when you’re nurturing your own blog).


A few different types of hosting:

主办ing companies I recommend:

Bluehost(starts at $3.49 per month) – Bluehost is one of the best options for hosting – they provide an easy to use interface, one-click install of WordPress (which we’ll be setting up in Step #3), good security, and customer service. On top of that, for the quality of their hosting, it’s hard to beat their prices. I have a hosting account with Bluehost, and so far I’ve been extremely happy with them, and I would strongly recommend them if you are starting a blog.

网络综合(starts at $47 per month) – I now use Web Synthesis to host both of my main two blogs. It’s a premium host, that caters directly to sites using Wordpress, and I have VPS hosting. I pay $97 per month to host my sites on Web Synthesis, and though that’s expensive, for where my sites are at in terms of traffic, and the goals I have for my blogging, I’m very happy with their hosting.

how to install wordpress

Step #3: Install WordPress


WordPress的is free piece of web software that can be used as a blogging platform and a content management system (in simpler terms, it’s the program your blog operates on).


成千上万的网站,你可能已经使用,比如The New York TimesandFood Gawker,使用WordPress来驱动他们的网站。



What I explained above is just for you to know (and I think it’s important to learn), but you actually don’t even need to go to wordpress.org, you can install the WordPress.org software, and have it show up on your domain, directly from your hosting account.


Once you have your domain and your hosting account ready, you will be able to login to your hosting account. Often it’s called the仪表板, 要么面板, 或类似的东西。

Almost any hosting service you choose, will offer what they call an auto, or one-click install of WordPress.


我将在详细信息Bluehost, since I have an account with them, but the steps should be relatively similar if you choose a different host, and the host you choose will have specific information about how to install WordPress.

Anyway, basically just click on the domain you want, then click on install WordPress, and wait until the install completes.



Wordpress plugins
Install plugins



Plugins are little extra snippets of software (code) that will give you more options – from making your website function better to making it look better.


I’ve linked to all these plugins, but actually the easiest way to upload them to your travel blog is by doing this: Go to your WordPress dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Search for it > Install Now > Activate.



Step #4: Improve Your Design

While publishing posts is the most important part of blogging, I think design is also huge.

According to Neil Patel, on the internet today people have an average attention span比金鱼更短, and almost everyone, myself included, really do judge a blog by its cover, without thinking about it.


Also, I remember for myself, when I had an old and tacky design that I personally wasn’t happy about, I wasn’t as inspired to write and publish articles. Why would I want to work so hard on a post, only to have it look tacky and old?


In fact, if you worry too much about design, you might never be fully satisfied. Instead, just make sure your blog is modern and has a design you’re happy with.


I have almost zero design skills, and I was still able to create both www.bjwwww.com and eatingthaifood.com on my own.

Here’s how: WordPress themes

What is a WordPress theme?

You have a domain, yourblog.com, you have hosting, you have installed WordPress, now you need a theme.

一个WordPress主题是喜欢你的博客的全身皮肤,它是你的博客的视觉效果。澳门金莎官方平台网址如Studiopress* puts it, it’s the body of your car.


You have a couple choices:

Free Themes


Some are better than others, however, you can’t judge a theme based just upon looks because themes also handle other aspects of your blog behind the scenes – like security of your site, how well it’s optimized in searches, and how easy it is to customize.


However, if you want to take your blog to the next level, it’s a good idea to invest in a premium theme – for looks and function.


付费主题(范围在成本从$ 30日 - $ 100左右)

溢价WordPress主题通常(不总是)比一个免费的主题是,因为你必须为它付出 - 这往往会带来更好编写的代码和更好的功能。

With a premium theme you will have better website security, current updates, customer service, better optimization, and typically an easier to work with interface.


I’m now using theGenesis Framework with Studiopress, owned and operated by Copyblogger, and I’m very happy with it.

Within Studiopress there arechild themes。These extra themes that give your website an even more custom look.

How to install your WordPress theme

Once you’ve decided on a theme, you can then download it to your computer, and it should be a file liketheme.zip

Next, go to your blog dashboard – you can get there by going to yourblog.com/wp-login.php and typing in your username and password.

To install your new theme, go to Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload Theme > Find your theme file > Install Now > Activate.

Your new theme should be live on your site once you hit refresh.

We won’t get into further customizing, but you can then proceed to easily add your logo, change the colors, your background, etc.



Now that we’ve learned how to start a travel blog, it’s time to start blogging.

This might seem like an obvious step, but it’s not.

I’ve witnessed far too many people follow steps 1 – 4, and start to blog, but then give up far too soon, before seeing any results.





Instead of blogging about anything and everything, focus your writing on what you’re really interested in – the niche you won’t get tired of day after day.

Even if your blog is about travel, you can cover a certain aspect of travel, like food travel, fashion travel, or cultural travel.

Write your blog posts in your own personal voice. Use your unique personality, and the knowledge you know about your topic.



Even if you don’t love writing, don’t rule out blogging.


To keep a record of what you are doing, to make money, to connect with others?


Additional travel blogging resources:


So next, I’d like to share a few of the websites I read and really gain a lot from, that have truly helped me become a better blogger. I would highly recommend you check these sites out as you dig deeper into blogging or starting an online business:

starting a travel blog
You’ve got a blog, now what?

What’s next? Take blogging further…

It all depends on what your goal and motivation is for creating a blog, but once you have a blog and are blogging, you have so many opportunities.


至于我自己,我喜欢写博客作为一种业余爱澳门金莎官方平台网址好,并作为学习和分享的方法,但我也选择了做全职,所以我都试过了,并且不断尝试许多不同途径和赚钱方法from my blogs.


此外,如果你有兴趣的博客社区,你可以学习如何把旅游博客变成一个企业,澳门金莎官方平台网址旅游博客成功澳门金莎官方平台网址is a fantastic online course, run by David Lee, an online travel blogging friend of mine.

His course is an excellent place to learn about how to start a travel blog, be successful, and earn money from it – it covers tips on blogging, marketing, press, advertising – it’s also a great travel blogging network of other serious bloggers.


how to start a travel blog
Nope, I didn’t blog from this view, but I did eat a meal while enjoying this view, and then blogged about it later.


Starting a blog has proven to be one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done, opening the door for many other opportunities, and allowing my wife and I to be full time travel eaters.

The great thing is:

If you have internet access, and a small budget (even if you don’t know anything about web design or code),你可以轻松地开始自己的旅行博客(澳门金沙官方平台网站或任何东西的博客,你喜欢)。澳门金沙官方平台澳门金莎官方平台网址

首先,注册一个唯一的域名,get hosting, install WordPress, improve the design with a theme, and then start blogging.




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    hello Mark thank you so much.. how many times ive to make and start blooging about myself and others things that i loved but I,m less knowledge on how to start a blog.
    God bless you more..
    i hope i can make it very soon

    • 澳门金莎官方平台

      5 years ago

      Hey Arcy, thank you very much, and glad to hear this is useful. Really appreciate your support. Let me know if you have any other questions, and hope to see your blog in the future!

  • 5 years ago

    嘿,马克。I absolutely love the current look of your Migrationology website. I am thinking about creating a blog for when I visit Japan next year in 2016. Do you use any child themes or use the Genesis Framework with basic HTML to customize the blog page all on your own?

  • Delwyn Everson

    5 years ago

    It’s Big Dell I have so very much enjoyed
    Your food videos from all over Asia and your video on the five steps to getting
    I go to a non denominational church here in Baltimore MD called
    Greater Grace World Outreach and we have three churches in the Bangcock

    • 澳门金莎官方平台

      5 years ago

      Hi Delwyn, nice to hear from you, glad this post is helpful, and that you’re going to start a blog. Glad you attend Greater Grace World Outreach, will check that out on the website. Thanks!

  • 何塞Almader

    5 years ago



  • Monica

    5 years ago

    Hi Mark,

    Thank you so much very much for this post! It’s very informative and easy to understand that the next day I got my blog live (just need to work on the design and contents). Ive been meaning to start a website for many years but never got the courage to do it. After seeing your how to blog, it really got me excited as its something I can manage.

    我不能感谢你才好,我不仅会able to share my experiences with others but I finally found something that I love doing.


    Many thanks,


    • 澳门金莎官方平台

      5 years ago

      Hey Monica, it’s awesome to hear from you, and congratulations for starting a blog. So glad that you found something you’re passionate about, and that you can write / share it with others through your upcoming blog. Keep it up and if you have any questions, please let me know!

  • fey

    5 years ago

    I knew your profile from youtube when I searched for Tokyo travel guide and then I subscribed to one of your blog; eatingthaifood.com (very useful guide and recipe)
    Currently I’m updating a blog in which I can share topics I passionate about. Thanks for the inspiration. Greetings from Switzerland

  • Brock

    5 years ago


    I looked at some of your old videos – and they are totally different than what they are today. We sort of ‘evolve’ and learn as we go.


    The key is just to start. Take that learn-as-you-go approach

    • 澳门金莎官方平台

      5 years ago


  • J

    5 years ago



  • Priti沙阿

    5 years ago

    Hi Mark,
    Firstly let me say you are really lucky to have traveled the world and had a chance to eat all the fine cuisines of all the countries you have visited and will visit in future. And about your information on how to start writing a blog is just very much of the things which we people look up who are passionate about something in the life. I really enjoy watching your presentation and views you give with your videos although i am vegetarian but still love to watch.

  • Shailender库马尔

    5 years ago

    Hi Mark, I came across this post and your blog couple of months back. I have been travelling for last two years but never thought of starting the blog. May be I was little scared with all the technicals involved in setting up the blog or so I thought. But after reading this post of yours I thought to give it a go. It took me some time to set up the whole thing but finally the blog has gone live. Needless to say that your step by step instructions were put to great use. I also took help from other similar guides to fine tune the blog, but it was your post which got me started. I’m still fine tuning the blog structure, SEO’s etc. Let’s hope it works out. Thank you again…

    • 澳门金莎官方平台

      5 years ago


  • Anca | Globaloud

    5 years ago

    Hi Mark,
    A few years after Bangkok, I decided to start my own blog and right now I’m looking for helpful information about blogging.
    Greetings from Croatia!

    • 澳门金莎官方平台

      5 years ago

      Hey Anca, great to hear from you, thank you for reading and for sharing your blog! Your blog looks great, I’m loving your illustrations. Keep it up!

  • jane

    5 years ago

    Good post, Mark. Thank you.

  • SIA夏尔马

    5 years ago

    Great blog post…you have shared important points …regarding travel blogs Thanks for sharing with us…

  • JW

    5 years ago

    你好马克,I watch your videos whenever I can. I was wondering, Your logo, How can I go about and make logos like that ? like you had a backpackers foot for the L or now recently a chili.

    Thank you for the response in advance

  • william

    5 years ago


    • 澳门金莎官方平台

      5 years ago

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  • 如mita Kale

    5 years ago


  • 切塔尼亚Bijoy

    5 years ago


  • 纳塔莉CookieetAttila

    5 years ago

    Thanks for this post! The blogs about blogging you share will be really helpful! Thanks again

  • Jonny Duncan

    5 years ago



    When I started almost 2 years ago now it was as a hobby, partly from so many friends saying I should write a book about my travels and I figured it was easier just to put a blog post up now and then, which turned out still to be a lot of work at times! Now I am concentrating on taking it much more seriously.


    I also had bugger all followers! I saw your name Mark Wiens start to follow me on Facebook from an early stage, and I knew who you were from following you and other bloggers for a while. Having a respected established travel blogger follow me when no-one knew who I was was pretty cool. So cheers for that!

    Wishing you and your wife a life of happiness and continued online business success.

    • 澳门金莎官方平台

      5 years ago


  • 5 years ago

    嗨,马克!Thank you for the informative post, i have followed your steps to start my own site. The only problem i have is that the installed plugins made it so slow that is impossible to work with it now. I cannot make any edits as the wordpress dashboard will not load. Im not sure what to do about this. Any ideas?

    • 澳门金莎官方平台

      5 years ago

      Hi Ri, great to hear from you, glad that you’ve started a website! Were you able to load your WordPress dashboard yet? I’m not sure what could really be slowing down your site that much, if you only installed wordpress and a few plugins. Was your site alright before you installed the plugins? If not, you can access your files through your host, or a third party FTP, and you can manually delete the plugin files and then hopefully get back into your dashboard.


      Let me know if you have any updates.

      • 5 years ago


        Thank you for the reply! So i’ve deleted the plugins through my host and reinstalled them again, am happy to say that it is working fine now! Now all i need is to find a suitable theme for my site!

        Thanks again for this post and for being such an inspiration! Please continue making more food videos cos they are awesome!

        • 澳门金莎官方平台

          5 years ago

          Fantastic Ri, glad it’s up and running now. Keep it pretty simple at first, and as you continue to publish content, you can improve your design. What will you be blogging about?

  • 贾森

    5 years ago

    Great post man, very helpful, and I really like your writing and presentation style- something I think doesn’t get emphasized enough. I plan on using a lot of the tips you’ve given and will hopefully see you on the road one of these days to thank you in person

    • 澳门金莎官方平台

      5 years ago

      Hi Jason, great to hear from you, thank you very much, glad this is helpful. Would be great to meet you!

  • Sirinya

    5 years ago

    Your blog and videos are a great inspiration for me!

    • 澳门金莎官方平台

      5 years ago

      Hi Sirinya, great to hear from you, and to see your blog. That is very cool that you’re blogging about what you love, Thai culture. Keep up the blogging!

  • Jenn Taylor

    5 years ago

    嘿,马克!Thanks for this amazing post! It’s great to have all this helpful information put together in such a useful way. I read your blog and watch your youtube videos all the time. They are a great resource for inspiration and food envy!

    • 澳门金莎官方平台

      5 years ago

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      The one thing that would concern me, and I’m not sure of the answer to this, is how it will affect pagerank and your search engine rankings for articles after you migrate, and also the redirects of your permalinks. Also make sure you backup. If you purchase a host, this is something you could ask them before you do anything.