When I was a kid, I spent the majority of my growing up years in East Africa.

我梦见去桑给巴尔岛澳门金沙官方平台,体验mix of cultures, exploring the narrow lanes of Stone Town, and sampling the delicious coastal cuisine.

Pictures of pristine turquoise waters and white sand kept me inspired, and I knew I had to visit eventually.


Stone Town was fascinating, but I didn’t get to see much by way of the beaches. And on top of that, I didn’t have a clue which beach to go to – Zanzibar (Unguja) is a decent sized island.

Zanzibar travel guide


So on my latest trip to Tanzania, this time with my wife, I decided we needed to go back to Zanzibar, and see as much of the island as we could.

We caught a quick flight to Stone Town from Dar Es Salaam, stayed there for a few days, and then made our way, using local transportation to the northern beach town of Nungwi.


In this Zanzibar travel guide, I’ll be covering information about where to stay and what to do, but since我对食物如此巨大的激情,我会在深度拓展旅游的食方多一点。

I hope this guide will help you decided where to go, what to see, and what to eat when you visit Zanzibar.


One of the challenges of visiting Zanzibar is that it can be hard to decide which town or beach you want to go to.

研究和写作美食爱好者此桑给巴尔旅游指南的目的不仅只是为了吃(在世界上我最喜欢的活动),而是弄清楚prosandconsof each of the major town destinations on the island –in an attempt to help visitors to Zanzibar decide which destination is right for them.

这是一个相对较小的岛屿,但它仍然是足够大的地方,你必须决定去哪里的点,将最适合当你有你的利益,其目的地 - 你去度蜜月?家庭度假?潜水度假?一个海滩流浪汉的背包旅行?或探索美食和文化?

Keep reading this guide to discover Zanzibar.

Table of Contents:

This Zanzibar travel guide in a single article is about 15,000 words and includes many photos, so I decided to include a table of contents to help you navigate it better (or you can just read through the full guide).

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Zanzibar travel guide
桑给巴尔指南 - 电子书

This Zanzibar travel guide is huge – it’s over 14,750 words long! So I decided to make it into a downloadable PDF eBook so that you can read it offline or access it later.

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注意about Zanzibar

Zanzibar is composed of two main islands:安古迦和奔巴岛

Unguja is the main island (and the island this guide is all about) and it’s the island that’s often referred to when someone just mentions “Zanzibar.”

Pemba Island is north of Unguja, and is much less developed – however tourism is beginning to pick up on Pemba for its quiet beaches and especially for its incredible diving.

Though technically Zanzibar includes both Unguja and Pemba Islands, I’m going to refer to Zanzibar just as Unguja for the sake of ease throughout this guide.

Zanzibar Airport
Arriving and Leaving Zanzibar

Arriving and Leaving Zanzibar

Arriving by Plane

该re are quite a number of flights from Europe that fly straight to Zanzibar, sometimes stopping in Kilimanjaro along the way (but skipping Dar Es Salaam altogether). If you take an international flight straight to Zanzibar, you’ll have to get your Tanzania visa on arrival (visa info section below).


A quick 15 minute flight from Dar Es Salaam is convenient and easy to arrange. There are two main airlines that fly back and forth,Precision AirandCoastal Aviation

在我的桑给巴尔我最近一次访问带着精密空调航班和往返票仅售$ 80。

沿海正常价格的成本,每程约50 $。但如果你是在达累斯萨拉姆,做检查两家航空公司,看看谁对您要访问的日期一个更好的交易。

Zanzibar Exit Fees:请记住,在离开桑给巴尔的空气,你需要有美元一应俱全支付机场税。


Taking the ferry to Zanzibar
Stone Town Ferry

Ferry from Dar Es Salaam

If you’re a tourist visiting Tanzania, the ferry is not really much cheaper than taking a flight, and it takes a lot longer and isn’t always the most comfortable. That being said, taking the ferry is a good experience and it can be fun.

In Dar Es Salaam, it’s best to purchase your ferry ticket a day ahead of time, especially in the peak travel season or around local holidays. The Dar Es Salaam passenger ferry terminal is located on the waterfront in downtown, right off Sokoine Dr.


从达累斯萨拉姆,渡轮出发早上7点,上午9:30,下午12:30和下午3:45。非居民价格从$ 35 - $ 40的一种方式。看看他们的网站获取更多信息,您可能还可以网上预定:

If you choose to take the ferry in one direction and fly the other direction, you should take the ferry from Dar Es Salaam to Zanzibar instead of vice-versa.


Getting your Tanzania visa


Zanzibar is governed under该United Republic of Tanzania,等于是一个坦桑尼亚签证需要留在岛上。




  1. Fill out tourist visa application form (you’ll need an address in Zanzibar like the hotel you’ll be staying at, so have all that information available). Applications are eitheravailable online或在机场一旦你到达。
  2. Fill out your arrival card available at the airport (they might give it to you on the plane)
  3. Passport that’s still valid for at least the next 6 months
  4. $100(this is for US citizens, may be less or the same for your country). Make sure the dollars are crisp and dated 2006 or newer.

注意:Also make sure you are up to date on your vaccines, especially Yellow Fever.

Warnings, Safety Precautions, Valuables

One of the biggest concerns traveling to any destination (no matter where you choose to go in the world), is safety and security.

该first step is to check with your embassy and also the current news about what’s going on. An example would be to check the current travel advisory on

该re have been a few reports of criminal activity such as rape and a small acid attack in Zanzibar. But all in all, Zanzibar at the moment is a relatively safe and stable place in Africa.

On a more tangible level, let’s go over a few things to keep in mind when you’re actually in Zanzibar.

First thing to remember is that theft in Zanzibar, is quite common.

Most of the time theft in Zanzibar is non-violent, meaning more along the lines of pickpocketing.

But at the same time, it’s best to use discretion when carrying valuables around on the street. If you carry around a DSLR camera, it’s normally fine, just know your risks, be attentive, and be prepared.

Some stretches of beach, particularly in the Nungwi area, when you get away from hotels, are known for theft.


So the main thing to learn here is that you should not really walk down the beach carrying anything you’re too attached too.


Most hotel rooms, at least starting from the mid-range options, normally have a safe deposit box.




As a final personal note, my wife and I traveled to Zanzibar for two weeks and we trekked all around the island taking local transportation and walking a lot. She and I both felt quite comfortable without many safety concerns.

注意:As a tip, when I do need to carry a lot of money or valuables (like after going to the ATM or transferring hotels) I carry most of my cash and credit cards in an “in the pants wallet” (click here要明白我的意思)。我还进行了正常的钱包在我前面的口袋里,我保持约$ 10美元的钱在任何给定的时间。澳门金沙官方平台

Kids in Zanzibar
Awesome friendly kids in Zanzibar!


Zanzibar, with its huge tourism industry, is not new to the camera, and just about everyone knows and has seen many people taking photos.


总体而言,在整个石镇和海滩村,你可以自由地采取只是一切的照片(但阅读以下的人部分) - 建筑,海滩,标志性建筑等。澳门金沙官方平台

However, like in all of Africa, taking photos of government buildings and government people is pretty much off limits and you’ll get a stern word from an official (if he sees you) to not take photos (this includes airports and soldiers).


So while it’s normally alright to take general photos of the surrounding area or village, if you specifically aim your camera a someones face, they probably won’t be too happy (or they’ll want money).

In order to be courteous, just ask, or motion to a person if it’s OK to take a photo (with a big smile on your face). Some will say yes, others no,but it’s the right thing to do

In the beach villages kids will often come up to you asking for a photo, then occasionally after you take the photo, they will then extend their hands for money.


我们不想鼓励他们继续这样做。Instead you can tell them “no money,” from the start – before you ever take a photo. Once you say that, many of the kids are just happy to have a photo and then see themselves on the LCD screen.

Cost of Traveling in Zanzibar




That being said, there are some cheaper options, and there are ways to get by on a budget, which I will share with you throughout this guide.

Here’s a rough guide of how much you’ll be spending on a variety of necessities in Zanzibar.



Food at local restaurants in Stone Town is quite affordable (around $2 – $3 for a good meal) but when you get to the smaller beach villages, and have to eat at hotel restaurants, you pay more like $10 – $15 per meal.


Tips on how to save money


Focus on the things you really want to do, and spend your money on those. If you’re a lover of history, spend your money on going to the museum and seeing the ruins in Stone Town, but if not, you may be able to skip them.

Breakfast is sometimes served complimentary at hotels, so chow down for breakfast, have a late big lunch, and for dinner stay in your room and eat oatmeal and fruit (this is what I did quite often to save money).


该price of accommodation in Zanzibar changes drastically between the three tourist seasons: low, high, and peak.





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Zanzibar is a melting pot of cuisine



来自中东的阿拉伯商人,葡萄牙人入侵,来自印度的移民 - 这样的例子不胜枚举。其结果是一个真正独特的桑给巴尔文化和奇妙美食的混合物。







As opposed to pilau (like below), biryani is the style where the rice and curry dishes are cooked separately and then combined together to make the dish complete.

Popular versions include fish, beef, and goat.


2. Pilau水稻

Unlike biryani, where the rice and dish are cooked separately, pilau normally intends that the rice and meat and spices are all combined and cooked together. So it’s a bit drier than biryani (as there’s no curry sauce), but it also tends to be a little more spice flavored than biryani.


Both biryani and pilau are excellent, and you should definitely try them both to see which one you prefer. I like them both equally, and can’t pick a favorite, so I normally just order 2 plates!

You can get pilau with beef, goat, or fish.

mchuzi WA pweza

3.章鱼咖喱(mchuzi WA pweza)




Zanzibar Mix
Urojo – Zanzibar Mix

4. Urojo(混合)

In mainland Tanzania,他们称之为混合桑给巴尔,but on the island they call it urojo – and to my understanding, they are basically the same dish.

It’s a mishmash of a dish, a unique creation, that begins with bhajias and other crispy fritters, all mingled in a curry gravy and topped with more crispy fritters.


Mandazi - 油炸甜甜圈

5. Mandazi(及其他蛋糕)





Zanzibar Pizza vendor at Forodhani Gardens



该y basically take a small ball of dough, thin it out and start frying it on a hot pan surface. Then goes in whatever ingredients you asked for – like chicken or beef or fish – and then a mixture of peppers and onions, and and egg then gets poured into the middle of the dough.

该final step is to add some mayonnaise and processed happy cow cheese to the mix, and fold up theZanzibari pizza(video) into a rectangle.


7. Mishkaki


To me, mishkaki is somewhere in between Indian style and Middle Eastern style kebab skewers, the meat marinated in a nice blend of spices and sauce, then grilled to charred perfection on the outside.


In Dar Es Salaam, you’ll find肉串烧巨大,而在桑给巴尔它们通常是小了一点。

Zanzibar street food
Snacking on Octopus and Casava

8. Octopus and Casava

Along with mishkaki, another popular street food snack in Zanzibar is the combination of octopus pieces with fried cassava.


Once you get your street food snack, you can either sprinkle on some salt, or get a squirt of the chili tomato sauce that’s often provided.

芯片Mayai - 薯条煎蛋


Comfort food at its finest would describe this popular east African style French fries (chips) omelet.


I like to eat my chips mayai with some extra chilies, kachumbari (tomatoes and onions), and a douse of tomato sauce to make things tangy.

Durian in Zanzibar!



Living in Thailand, I have become quite obsessed with the水果之王,并没有什么比能在每个国家都可以品尝榴莲更愉快的自己。


You’ll find plenty of other good tropical fruit in Zanzibar too.

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What to do in Stone Town, Zanzibar
Stone Town Travel Guide

Stone Town Travel Guide

Why should you go to Stone Town?

Stone Town is the major city, the cultural and historical capital, and a fascinating melting pot.

该town is a great place to visit in order to learn about the history of the island, visit museums, explore the narrow lanes of the ancient town, and find local Zanzibar restaurants.



Stone Town
Top attractions in Stone Town – Palace Museum


Where to Stay in Stone Town

Best place to stay in Stone Town
Kisiwa House in Stone Town, Zanzibar

Kisiwa House

Kisiwa House is a luxurious boutique hotel that’s incredibly well designed and extremely comfortable.


价格:$ 150 - $ 200for a double
联系[email protected],+255 (0)24 2235654, +255 (0)24 2236786

Africa House Hotel
Africa House Hotel

Africa House Hotel

One of the classic colonial hotels in Zanzibar is the famous Africa House.

该升uxury hotel has a history of being built by a slave trader from Oman, later becoming an English club of East Africa, and now a boutique luxury hotel. The hotel has lots of character and antique elegance, plus a great communal social area on the second floor which is an amazing place for a drink or meal with a wonderful view of the Indian Ocean.

价格:$ 150 - $ 200for a double
联系[email protected],+255 (0)774 43 23 40, +255 (0)777 212621





该staff at Zenji Hotel are extremely helpful and willing to help organize anything or just offer advice. The hotel is located near the ferry terminal, so not right in the center of Stone Town, but a 5 – 10 minute walk away (just so you know) from the Stone Town lanes.

Additionally, a few of the best restaurants in all of Stone Town, like Passing Show Hotel andMukhy的位于旁边的善治酒店。

价格:$ 65 - 为双$ 100
联系[email protected],+255 776 705 592 or +255 774 276 468

Karibu Inn

Karibu Inn


A great thing about Karibu Inn is its location, just before Shangani Road and across the lane from NBC Bank. When you check in, make sure you ask for towels and a top sheet.

价格:在宿舍里了一倍,$ 15床$ 40
联系[email protected],+255 24 223 3058

Kiponda Bed and Breakfast



价格:$40 – $60 for a double with breakfast
联系[email protected],+255 24 2233052


Meal at Lukmaan Restaurant in Stone Town

Best Restaurants in Stone Town


While there are plenty of Western and international restaurants, I’ve chosen to focus my suggestions (and use my calories) on places that serve local cuisine – after-all, I’m a firm believer that the best food to eat when you travel to any destination you travel,is local food


Inside Lukmaan Restaurant in Stone Town, Zanzibar


Lukmaanrestaurant is one of the most well known local standards for tasty Zanzibari food.


Lukmaanis a great restaurant to experience the authentic flavors of Zanzibar. There’s no menu, but you just point and choose, or tell the servers what you want, and then pay at the counter before grabbing a seat.

What to eat:该ir pilau rice is particularly excellent, one of the best I’ve had in Zanzibar, and also try their octopus curry which is excellent. Expect to pay about 5,000 TZS ($2.92) per person for a stunning feast.
营业时间:7 am – 9 pm daily

Read my full article here.

Passing Show Restaurant
Pilau and fried fish at Passing Show, Stone Town
Best restaurants in Stone Town, Zanzibar
Passing Show Hotel

2。Passing Show Hotel


该restaurant serves a steady stream of hungry customers through the day, dishing out favorites like goat and fish biryani, rice pilau, beans, stewed vegetables, and a full assortment of deep fried snacks. They also make a marvelous fresh tamarind juice if you need something sweet to drink.

What to eat:咖喱都不错,布瑞雅尼和pilau都是不错的,而且炖青菜是美妙的。对于一个伟大的餐你会花大约每人5000先令($ 2.92开始澳门金沙官方平台)。
营业时间:7 am – 9 pm daily

Al-Jaby restaurant in Stone Town
Boko-boko at Al-Jabry restaurant in Stone Town

3. Al-Jabry Restaurant

Another local favorite for Zanzibari food in Stone Town is a restaurant known as Al-Jabry.


该y have all the local dishes available, including biryani and pilau, but I haven’t had a chance to try them all myself yet, but I’m sure they are pretty good. The boko-boko was interesting and good.

What to eat:biryani, pilau, curry, beef soup
到那里怎么走:Al-Jabry is located near the old slave chamber
营业时间:7:30 am – 10 pm daily

Zanzibar street food
Forodhani Market – seafood vendor

4. Forodhani Gardens

Every evening, beginning at about 5 pm, street food vendors wheel out their tables to the Forodhani Gardens to prepare for the evening street food fest.

All sorts of seafood like lobster, fish, shrimp and octopus are displayed on skewers, pre-cooked, and when you order it, they will be quickly heated over charcoal.

I’m going to tell you right now, the seafood is not the freshest, and although it does look tempting, you may want to avoid it.


Some of the seafood vendors can be a bit aggressive to try and get you to buy from them, but most of the time it’s in a nice way. Just kindly say no thank you and keep moving.

到那里怎么走:Show up at the Fordhani Gardens anywhere from around 5 pm – 9 pm each evening
价格:桑给巴尔比萨饼(2,000 – 4000 TZS depending on what you get inside ($1.17 – $2.34), Chicken shawarma (3,000 TZS ($1.76), plate of seafood (10,000 TZS ($5.85), uroja mix (2,000 TZS ($1.17), sugar cane juice (1,000 TZS ($0.58)
营业时间:下午6点 - 晚上九时

Breakfast at Mzuri Sana restaurant
Best restaurants in Stone Town

5. Mzuri萨纳





What to eat:All the dishes are simple and tasty. I had beef mixed with carrots and onions, green vegetable, a fish tail soup, a crispy chapati, and 2 cups of chai all for 6,000 TZS ($3.51).
营业时间:7 am – 9 pm daily


Grilled tandoori chicken at Mukhy’s

6. Mukhy的


该chicken in particular is absolutely wonderful, and the crew of staff are all very friendly.


What to eat:鸡肉和薯条(6000 TZS($ 3.51的)或mishkaki和芯片
到那里怎么走:From the Stone Town ferry terminal, walk away from the ocean on Malawi road. Around 30 meters, on the right hand side, just before you get to Zenji Hotel, you’ll see Mukhy’s.
营业时间:上午7 - 午夜,但是很正规小时,他们是开放的大部分时间就是店主告诉我。

Read my full article here.

Coffee at Jaws Corner

7. Jaws Corner – Coffee

A legendary local cafe, and a place I make a point to visit every time I’m in Stone Town, Jaws Corner is where men come to drink a few cups of coffee, talk about politics, and play board games.

该coffee is always served hot and occasionally the coffee master will have a bucket full ofkashata(like a peanut brittle) available to nibble on with your black coffee.

该cups are just rinsed in normal water, so if you’re concerned, you may want to bring your own cup (however, I’ve enjoyed many cups and never had a problem).

What to eat:桑给巴尔式咖啡(每杯100 TZS($ 0.06),你可以轻松拥有2 - 3杯或更多,并且它不会打破银行)

Read my full article here.

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beaches in Zanzibar

Best Beaches in Zanzibar

Choosing and enjoying a beach or a destination in Zanzibar is all about expectations.

Through this Zanzibar travel guide, I hope to uncover some of your expectations and advise you on a destination that will cater specifically to your interests, so that you have the time of your life visiting Zanzibar.



I’ll also share what there is to do there, where to stay, what to eat, and any other tips I figured out when I was there.

Nungwi Travel Guide
Nungwi Travel Guide

Nungwi Travel Guide (North)

Nungwi is located at the very northern tip of Zanzibar. After Stone Town, it’s one of the most popular areas of the island, and it’s the seconds biggest village in Zanzibar.

南威是知名的一大渔村,和他们当地也知道他们的传统单桅帆船制造 - 岛上最好的。

Taking the dalla dalla to Nungwi



However, to get to Nungwi village on your own, there are a number of choices.

Nungwi Zanzibar
Amazing swimming beaches in Nungwi

Why should you go to Nungwi?



Along with one of the best swimming beaches in all of Zanzibar, Nungwi is a good option if you’re looking for nightlife, action, parties, and social interaction – it’s one of the most popular beaches – so you have more of a chance of meeting other travelers.

Nungwi village itself is quite large and a good place to explore the culture of Zanzibar – though they are very accustomed to tourists – maybe too much so – and there are many touts.

优点:beautiful beach, parties and clubs, lots of activities, diving, sailing, snorkeling

Peace at Ras Nungwi

Where to stay in Nungwi

Nungwi is well known as a beach resort town in Zanzibar, having many high-end, all-inclusive resorts.

Many of the resorts such as the Zanzibari, Essque Zalu Zanzibar, or the Z Hotel, cater specifically to Italian tourists who often fly straight from Italy, drive directly to their Nungwi resort, and spend their entire Zanzibar holiday at their resort without leaving.

But even with the many resorts, there are still a few smaller hotel style residences as well as some bungalows available in Nungwi.



Described as laid-back luxury,RAS南威海滩酒店is just that, plus a lot more.

This upscale hotel is located on an extremely quiet strip of private beach. It’s the type of hotel you want to go to for extreme relaxation and for an experience where you can have time to yourself without any outside noise from others. The panoramic views of the Indian ocean from Ras Nungwi are incredible.

Also the staff are always willing to accommodate your every desire, doing things like setting up a romantic meal on the beach.

优点:Peaceful and serene, private beach pretty much all to yourself, amazing views and sunrises, the full range of resort activities and facilities, excellent service, beautiful grounds, good for romance / couples
Cons:Located a few kilometers from Nungwi town (for activities, restaurants etc.), since it’s on the East side of Nungwi there’s a huge difference in low and high tide, swimming in the sea is not the best
网站Ras Nungwi
价格:About $100 – $200 per night

Check out my article here.

Langi Langi Beach Bungalows
Langi Langi Beach Bungalows

Langi Langi Beach Bungalows

在岛上,从南威村中心只有很短的距离非常北端,是Langi Langi


海滩爱好者,它几乎变得比Langi Langi更好,因为酒店是字面上的权利清澈的水面上。

Cons:It’s a loud area, and there’s not a lot of space, hotels surrounding on both sides
网站Langi Langi Beach Bungalows
价格:我被引述$ 100双每晚,但价格受季节波动做了不少

Paradise Beach Bungalows

One of the budget accommodation / backpacker options in Nungwi is Paradise Beach Bungalows, located adjacent to Langi Langi.


Also, this central area of Nungwi has plenty to offer by way of tour agencies, diving, shopping, nightlife, and food.

优点:awesome beachfront, good location, affordable price, meet backpacker travelers
价格:我被引述$ 50双,但洽谈,利率根据季节而变


Things to do in Nungwi
Fish market area of Nungwi

Top Things To do In Nungwi

Restaurants in Nungwi



Nungwi, a much smaller beachside village, has very few local style restaurants (because many locals that live in Nungwi simply don’t have a need to eat meals at restaurants when they can eat at home).

So when it comes to eating in Nungwi, there’s mostly a selection of hotels and overpriced average food at touristy restaurants at hotels.


Zanzibari rice pilau
Rice pilau at Mina Restaurant

Mina Restaurant



该cooks and guys that run Mina Restaurant are all quite friendly as well, and their food is a welcome relief to the tourist catering restaurants that dominate Nungwi.

价钱:3,000 TZS ($1.76)

Restaurants in Nungwi
Eating at Langi Langi in Nungwi, Zanzibar

Langi Langi Restaurant

架空以上大海的华丽部分,Langi Langi平房有一个相当不错的餐厅。


价格are high, but the food and ambiance make it worth it. Choose from a variety of Zanzibari dishes like octopus coconut curry with pilau, a full range of grilled seafood and meats, and the usual hotel food like pizzas, pastas, and salads (you’ll find this at all hotel restaurants in Zanzibar).

营业时间:中午12点 - 下午3点吃午饭和下午6:30 - 下午9:30晚餐(早餐上只提供给酒店客人)
价格:大部分膳食运行15,000 - 20000 TZS($ 8.78 - $ 11.70)左右

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Kendwa Travel Guide

Years ago, when I visited Zanzibar for the first time, I spent a couple of days in Kendwa, and it was one of the most memorable beach experiences I’ve had – swimming in beautiful warm water, beach volleyball in the evening, hanging out with friends at night – things like that.


Kendwa is only a couple kilometers from Nungwi, but it’s much quieter and has less of an actual village to explore.

Though it’s mostly quiet, it’s home to the full moon party, at Kendwa Rocks, which can make things loud and more rowdy.

优点:amazing beach, quiet during the day but can be loud parties at night (depending on what you’re looking for)
Cons:升imited things to do, not a lot of hotels, very few dining options, no village

Where to stay in Kendwa

Sunset Beach Bungalows

This bungalow hotel is located on a huge property, and they have a range of different rooms, some on the beach and others a little walk inland. The beach is wonderful, and the grounds are peaceful and relaxing.

优点:Amazing beach, lots of sand, lots of space so you can choose to separate and isolate yourself and relax or mingle and meet others
Cons:该actual grounds of the hotel is not that well designed
价格:$ 60而不交流,$ 100,AC

Le Toits De Palme


价格:约澳门金沙官方平台$ 70双



海滩是非常好的,这是一个好地方to hang out with friends, play beach volleyball in the evenings, and also the full moon party is hosted here. Kendwa Rocks is not the best place for a honeymoon, but more for beach parties.

Cons:Perhaps a bit overpriced, loud sometimes at night
价格:Bandas are the most basic and cheapest rooms at about $50 – $60 per night, and other better rooms can run from $100 – $130 per night


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该beauty of Matemwe!


Matemwe, south of Nungwi on the northeastern side of Zanzibar, is a pleasant cultural village with a beautiful sandy beach, nearby dive sites, and good relaxing accommodation options.

Ocean swimming is possible but not the best on the island (that would be Kendwa probably), but the overall scenery and ability to take long peaceful walks along the expansive sandy beach, is a highlight.

Also, for diving and snorkeling, Matemwe is the closest village to Mnemba Island, one of the most highly acclaimed underwater sites in Zanzibar with a possibility of around 10 different dives.


Why should you go to Matemwe?

Go for diving and snorkeling, peace and quiet without loud parties or rowdy vacationers, to see local Zanzibar village and cultural life.

Matemwe makes a great place for both couples and families that want to spend quality time with each other, in a super quiet place.

优点:Diving (easy access to尼姆巴岛),和平和放松,非常悠闲,漂亮友好的乡村,走在沙滩上

How to get to Matemwe



你可能会问身边的一个共享的旅游面包车,但机会是,有没有足够的人来填补了一辆面包车去马特姆维,所以你真的有两个选择:私人出租车或公共DALLA DALLA。

Where to stay in Matemwe
Best places to stay in Matemwe

Where to stay in Matemwe



马特姆维滩村is the ultimate relaxing, no shoes, type of place to stay in Matemwe.




优点:Beautiful scenery, local cultural life, diving and snorkeling, relaxing rooms, barefoot kind of place, great food at the hotel, the hotel can arrange any kind of Zanzibar tour for you

价格:约$ 90 - 包括床和早餐$ 130美元的人

Zanzibar Retreat Hotel

This place is small and has a family run feeling to it. The rooms are quite nice, close to the beach and with a nice central pool.

优点:Quiet, peaceful, beach view
Cons:Might be a little compact so if you’re really looking for a place to be alone it’s not the best option, here you might be chatting with others more
价格:$ 100 - $ 150

Green and Blue Zanzibar Ocean Lodge

For a luxury option in Matemwe, you might check out Green and Blue Zanzibar Ocean Lodge. This is the type of place where you can indulge in some spa therapy, enjoy extreme peace and quiet and seclusion.

价格:$100– $200 per person


Matemwe village


breakfast in Zanzibar
Breakfast at Matemwe Beach Village




I stayed at Matemwe Beach Village, and I’m happy to report that the food at the restaurant there was excellent (thought not exactly budget).

该ir philosophy is to keep a small rotating menu aligned with what’s locally available and fresh. Octopus and fish are common, and there’s also usually meat and vegetarian options. For breakfast I chose eggs benedict over a warm biscuit, and it was one of the best I had in Zanzibar.

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Uroa / Pongwe

To be honest, I personally wasn’t all that impressed with Uroa.


Pongwe on the other hand, is quite nice, and while there aren’t very many options for too many things to do or see,Pongwe Beach Hotelis beautiful. It’s a wonderful relaxing place, good for families and couples, and nice and secluded.

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Michamvi Peninsula
摇滚餐厅– Michamvi Peninsula


Just north of Bwejuu a few kilometers, you’ll get to the Michamvi Peninsula.

该peninsula is dominated by luxurious high-end resorts where many people come to spend a leisure holiday while barely leaving their residence.

该beach water is amazing, with multi dimensions of dark blue, light blue, and turquoise water that sparkles off the coral below. The water is a painting worthy sight.


If you’re looking for amazing beaches, luxurious and extremely expensive resorts, and watersport possibilities, you might look into the Michamvi peninsula.


Another downside of Michamvi Peninsula is that there’s not much to choose from by way of budget hotels, so if you’re looking for those, it’s best to head a bit south to Bwejuu or Paje.

Michamvi Peninsula would suit couples or families looking for a resort style vacation.

Cons:expensive, resorts, not much local life

Where to stay in Michamvi Peninsula

Starting from the very northern tip, yet still facing east, which is the side with the nicest beaches, you’ll find:

我要去只是诚实地说大部分位于Michamvi半岛酒店是我的出路联赛和$ 100多个可以随时随地成本 - 每晚$ 500 - 甚至更多一些真正独特的地方。因此,如果这是你在找什么,这是值得研究了。

Since I was doing research for this guide, I was able to get some tours of these hotels, but for the most part they don’t even allow visitors to just walk into these hotels – you have to have a booking.





So if you go, go for the view and the experience.

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Bwejuu Beach Travel Guide


It’s truly a wonderful mixture of serenity and peace paired with a very friendly village where you can actually experience the warm and friendly Zanzibari culture, without being hustled by beach touts.


该升anky and occasionally corkscrewed palm trees that are so famous around Bwejuu also make for excellent scenery.

Bwejuu is one of my favorite places on the entire island of Zanzibar, and one of my top picks in this Zanzibar travel guide.




该village is small and friendly, the beach is pretty decent (for looking at, not great for swimming), and the lanky swaying palm trees set the scene for easy-going relaxation.

该re are a number of budget style bungalows, some mid-ranged options, and a few higher end choices, but overall, Bwejuu would be more of a mid-ranged budget beach destination to choose.


优点:friendly local people, great cultural immersion village, extremely laid back, some nice budget bungalows, quiet, peaceful

How to get to Bwejuu


Belllevue Guesthouse
Amazing room at Belllevue Guesthouse, Bwejuu, Zanzibar

Belllevue Guesthouse

位于布韦朱的北侧,距离市中心大约10分钟步行路程的村澳门金沙官方平台Bellevue Guesthouse


该entire town of Bwejuu is calm and relaxing, so Bellevue is a great place to escape all noise and a fantastic place for peace and tranquility.

For food, Bellevue has weekly BBQ nights and Swahili dinners on Sunday, which present a great opportunity to sample local cuisine and meet other guest.

Cons:Not located directly on the ocean, about a 2 minute walk to the beach, but there is a view of the ocean from the grounds.
价格:大约从$ 50 - $ 100每晚
联系[email protected]+255 777209576

Pakacha平房in Bwejuu, Zanzibar





该升ocal owner, Ali, is a very jolly friendly man.

优点:Awesome setting, right on the beach, unforgettable palm trees, right inside Bwejuu village, budget prices
Cons:该y don’t offer much by way of extra activities, it’s mostly a place you just go to relax and read
价格:$40 – $60 per night depending on room and season

Mustapha’s Place


You’ll find Bob Marley posters, green, red, and yellow flags, and reggae music always in the background. Rooms are basic but nice and service is good. If you choose to stay at Mustapha’s, make sure you’re ready for the rasta style experience.

优点:Good place to stay for a chill out, coral walls with lots of natural construction – eco friendly, friendly, budget, good location in Bwejuu village
Cons:Not located directly on the beach, if you’re not the reggae type it’s not the place for you
价格:Depends on number of people and season, but rates begin around $15 per person
联系:255(0)7720 99422,255(0)24 224 0069




该re aren’t so many activities available in Bwejuu, but that’s part of the beauty of it.

Looking for diving, snorkeling, or other water sports? Bwejuu doesn’t have much of an infrastructure for that.

Spending time in Bwejuu is more about lazying about, sitting under the breezy shade, reading books, going on beach walks, and possibly taking some day trips to other nearby beaches and villages.


Food in Bwejuu

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Beautiful Paje Beach – famous for kitesurfing

Paje Travel Guide

Paje has long been known as one of the best kitesurfing beaches in the world, and along with being great for watersports, it’s one of the best swimming beaches in Zanzibar as well (second only to Nungwi and Kendwa in my opinion).

该atmosphere is nice and laid back, not so cultural like Bwejuu, but a great place to either meet new friends, or to keep to yourself and just enjoy the beach.


Why should you go to Paje?


Overall, I like the beauty of the palm trees and village culture of Bwejuu, but for beach swimming and water sports, Paje wins.


优点:kitesurfing capital, water sports, swimming beach, more choices of restaurants and budget bungalows

How to get to Paje:

Where to stay in Paje

Where to stay in Paje

Room at Ndame Beach Lodge

Ndame Beach Lodge

We had a fantastic stay atNdame Beach Lodge

It’s local style, basic accommodation, but the rooms are very clean, self sufficient, and everything functioned well.



This was one of my favorite places I stayed in Zanzibar.

优点:Amazing beach, local run, clean basic and functional rooms, restaurant food is quite good and relaxing at the restaurant is wonderful
Cons:I really liked it, but don’t expect anything fancy, service is adequate but not 5-star
网站Ndame Beach Lodge
联系[email protected],255 777 86 34 21
价格:价格for a double range from around $60 – $100, but this is a place you need to bargain, and they are often willing to go down as long as they aren’t fully booked. Breakfast is included, nothing spectacular, but all the basics and buffet style. This is also a great place to come during low season.



优点:Luxury hotel but it’s still in the center of Paje village (not isolated like other fancy hotels), nice beach, private terraces, modern design
Cons:Expensive, resort style
联系:255(0)777 525 828[email protected]
价格:From $130 upwards

Kilima Kidogo Guest House

Located at the southern end of Paje, on the way towards Jambiani, is the friendly Kilma Kidogo Guest House. The owner is extremely nice and passionate about taking care of her guests to the fullest.


优点:Small friendly place, great environment
联系[email protected]+255(0)777201088
价格:$ 150 - $ 200

Find more places to stay in Paje here.

things to do in Paje

Things to do in Paje


restaurants in Paje
膳食在Ndame洛奇 - 不惊人,但体面

Food in Paje

Ndame Beach Lodge

Ndame Beach Lodge

该restaurant along the beach at Ndame Beach Lodge not only has an amazing view, and you can eat with your feet in the sand, but the food isn’t bad either.

该grilled fish, fried chicken with masala curry sauce, and even the pizza is pretty good. Meals are in the 15,000 – 20,000 TZS ($8.77 – $11.70) range.

Kinazi Upepo

Written on the sign as “Thai fusion sushi” you’ll find just that –some of the Thai classics,and a menu of sushi as well.

我没有机会在这里吃我自己,因为我来吃饭太早,这是封闭的,但我停在,签出的菜单和工具,而且看起来值得一试的。这将花费约$ 20%的人(澳门金沙官方平台不含酒水)。

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Jambiani travel guide
Beautiful ocean at Jambiani


Jambiani is one of the most well rounded villages and beaches centers in Zanzibar.

For starters, the beach is spectacular, not quite as good for swimming as Paje, but the views and color spectrum of the ocean is amazing.

Jambiani travel guide
Friendly Jambiani village in Zanzibar

Why should you go to Jambiani?




该re’s also a good variety of accommodation from budget bungalows to more expensive boutique hotels, and some places attract a younger crowd, while others are perfect for families or couples.

优点:amazing beach, watersports, laid-back, nice cultural village, friendly people



红猴酒店 - 江比阿尼,桑给巴尔

Red Monkey Lodge

Towards the southern end of Jambiani village isRed Monkey Lodge,a super chilled out lodge that’s perched on top of a small coral rock with a great view of the sparkling clear beach, and occasional monkeys that come to hang out.

该owners and staff are very aware of their surroundings and make great efforts to do projects and help the local community.

Red Monkey Lodge has a laid back atmosphere, yet at the same time it really caters to adventure seekers who want to get out and explore both ocean activities and island excursions like biking and hiking.

优点:Great atmosphere and place to have a drink or just chill out – nice communal areas, great views of the ocean, private little beach cove, integrated into the local village of Jambiani, great service
Cons:A little expensive for what you get, strange mosquito netting (not a net around the bed, but a net to section of the room)
联系[email protected],+255 777 713366
价格:$80 – $100 for a double per night



位于白沙的一个伟大的伸展,右沿海滩White Sands


In the evenings you can watch ladies harvesting seaweed, men maintaining their boats, and guys playing football in the sand. White Sands is a good all around hotel in a wonderful location.

优点:位置是极好的,小和友好,安静,年代taff are nice, good deal for what you get (when compared with other hotels), clean and newly renovated, they have wi-fi that you can access from your room (rare)!
价格:对于双,你将支付约$ 50 - $ 70海滩平房面临更加昂贵
网站White Sands

Casa del Mar

For a very relaxing, semi-upscale option, check out Casa del Mar.

该beach directly outside is beautiful, the rooms are spacious and well designed, and the grounds are neatly organized, and well maintained.

卡萨del Mar的格外引人注目夫妻,家庭,和老年旅客。

优点:semi-upscale, small hotel with just 14 rooms so you never have to worry about being surrounded by too many people, eco-friendly built from all local Zanzibari materials, good management
Cons:I just toured the facility and it looks pretty good
价格:$90 for double without ac, $110 for room with ac (prices vary according to season)
网站Casa Del Mar
联系[email protected],+255- 24 2240 400

Al Hapa Bungalows


该dhow sailboat bar at the center of the hotel makes a good meeting place where you can hang out beachside. Rooms are clean and quite new.

优点:Nice location, beautiful beach, good for meeting others, bar, nightlife
Cons:Maybe a little noisy at night
价格:Doube为$ 65
网站Al Hapa Bungalows
联系[email protected],+255 773 048 894


该re are some other VERY cheap options in Jambiani, like棕榈景观别墅andDemla平房if that’s what you’re looking for. Just check it out before you make a commitment and don’t stay if security doesn’t look adequate for you. These places aren’t really very nice, but if you’re on a real budget they could work.

优点:Alright if you’re on a tight budget, backpacker style, great beach locations
价格:Around $20 – $30 for a bungalow, but do bargain down as they are often not full and don’t have set prices

Find more places to stay in Jambiani here.

Jambiani travel guide
Crystal clear seas at Jambiani

Things to do in Jambiani

Arranging Zanzibar tours such as the Kizimkazi dolphin tour, a spice farm tour, or a jozani forest tour are all easily accessible from Jambiani.


food in Jambiani
In all honestly, I would have preferred to cook this myself, than eat at a restaurant in Jambiani



Within the center of the village there are a few local Zanzibari restaurants where you can eat pilau rice, beans, chapatis, and mandazis, and drink tea. But most of the local food is heavy on the carbs and oil without much protein.

也有一些Jambiani的餐厅,提供当地风味食品像棕榈景观餐厅,run by a crew of rastas, and they serve mostly fresh catch fish. The food is alright at best, but since they only cater to tourists, they tame flavors down and it wasn’t really very good. Also, since they don’t always get much business in a day, freshness is not always the best.



珊瑚岩酒店和白沙均与海洋的美景的餐厅,但食物是相当糟糕,价格都是15000左右 - 20000 TZS($ 8.77 - $ 11.70)或略偏一顿饭 - 价格过高,不是很满意。

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Walking around the friendly Bwejuu village, Zanzibar




I hope this resource will give you ideas about the places you want to go, help you focus on the things you want to experience, and discover delicious food to eat, when you visit this incredible island just off the coast of East Africa.

无论如果你想有一个所有inclusive relaxing resort vacation, or a beach-bum laid-back getaway, it’s the diverse melting pot of cultures, the stunning beaches and beautiful natural scenery, and the friendly charm of local Zanzibari people, that makes visiting Zanzibar such a unique joy.

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Download this Zanzibar travel guide as an eBook!桑给巴尔导向盖-300

我编译这整个庞大的桑给巴尔旅游指南成易于使用的离线电子书format in PDF.


Download the eBook now!


Disclaimer- 一些我本指南中提到的酒店,我住在免费,但我只是因为我与他们联系,并希望将其包含在我的引导收到免费住宿。话虽这么说,所有的意见和想法都是我自己的。此外,本指南中,也有少数会员链接。举个例子,对于一些的酒店,如果你犯了一个预订,通过提供的链接,我会得到一小笔佣金。非常感谢您对我们的一贯支持。- 澳门金莎官方平台马克·威恩斯

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